Ch Makami's High Caliber

Callie   Callie Head Study
This is a shot from Callie's Missouri Lottery Commercial that was filmed in Parkville, Missouri in March. I took 5 little toy dogs to the audition and the director liked Callie the best even though she was just along for the ride.

Pedigree of Ch Makami's High Caliber
Chamatika Painted Dragon ROM/SOD
ENG CH Sangria Imperial Dragon
CH Apoco Deodar Paper Dragon Of Sangria
UK/AM CH Magic Dragon Of Apoco Deodor
Kinki Of Taydor
Glaisdeleast Suki
Knockenjig Mee-Too Of Apoco Deodor
CH Rui Gu Yama Kazi
CH Camplane Kesa
Sangria Storm Raiser
CH Sangria Storm Boy
CH Hellesveor Kimo Tommo Of Sangria
Ireada Chia
Amantra Take-Tori
Valevan Tricki-Woo At Amantra
Toshiko Of Amantra
Yama Sweet Japonica
ENG CH Homerbrent Kiko Of Yama
Hellesveor Kimseki Of Sangria
ENG CH Riu Gu Yama Kiko
Hellesveor Kima Sukie
Homerbrent Spring Fancy
ENG CH Zanerush Hasha Leeda
Sangria Spring Fever
Sweet Mitzi Of Yama
Cassilove Yassa Fu
Yevot Toshiaki
Cassilove Miss Tiggy Winkle
Chasse Titania
Valevan Chasse Warlord
Yamas Little Beth
Easze's B-Witch-D ROM
CH Makami's Orenji Kyuji ROM
CH C-KO's Rugi Hiroko Of Makami's
CH UR-Chin Rucky Shado
Rucky Me ROM/SD
CH UR-Chin Confident-Li ROM
UR-Chin Dazzle-Ling
Rucky Me ROM/SD
CH UR-Chin Sparkle-Ling
CH Fairoak's Fantasy Of J-Jim's ROM/SOD
CH Jadel's Windwalker Of Fairoak's
INT CH Ulvas Pavo Cristatus
CH Jadel's My Geisha
Fairoak's Witch's Folly
CH Fairoak's Solomon
CH Fairoak's Be-Witch-Ing
CH D-ROo's My Ty Chi Chi O J-Jim's
D-RO's Country Sunshine
CH D-RO's Widget Of Huang Kung
CH Huang Kung Taisho Hi Gashiuchi ROM
Jadel's Brassie Of Huang Kung ROM
D-RO's Satin Sassy CD
CH UR-Chin Paprika Of Inu-Endo
CH UR-Chin Dainty-Li
J-Jim's Caffina Twighlight
CH J-Jim's Panda-B-Mine
Mikian's Tenji
D-RO's Satin Sassy CD
CH J-Jim's Lil' Maggie
CH UR-Chin Paprika Of Inu-Endo
Donigan's Sammer Subi Lynn

Coefficient of Inbreeding of CH Makami's High Caliber is 0%.

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