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GCH CH HapiChin Deja Vu High Caliber of Tsunami
"KayLee" goes to New York to compete at Westminster 2014! Watch Japanese Chin Breed Video here: Japanese Chin Breed Video

HapiChin When Life Gives You Lemons, "Bob" and HapiChin Pucker Up, "Smooch" at 13 Weeks of age.

Yama Jemima
Jemima has joined us here at HapiChin. Thank you so much to Sheila Vincent of Yama Kennel in UK.

Watch for Midwood Mercutio, HapiChin HR Puff N'Stuff, and Matilda!

HapiChin Forget Me Not
Tulip wins Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show at the Sunflower Kennel Club of Olathe, KS Inc. under judge Judy Webb!
Here is Ch. HapiChin Deja Vu High Caliber Tsunami, "KayLee" and Ch. HapiChin Sommer Tei Rose, "Rosie" on a new Hallmark card.

KayLee is right behind the Chihuahua and is wearing a party hat. Rosie is right behind KayLee and is wearing the beaded necklace. The card is from the Sunshine line made by Hallmark and will be available after June 1 at Barnes and Noble. If anyone sees it will you please get it and send it to me? I would be happy to pay postage. Thanks for letting me share. They are so cute!

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