HapiChin Forget Me Not
Born: 12-11-2010
Sire: Ch. Ni Kokoro Tip N Thru Tulips
Dam: Ch. HapiChin Mischief Managed ROM

Tulip wins Best Bred By Exhibitor at the Sunflower Kennel Club of Olathe, KS Inc. show!
Tulip wins a Major at the Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel club under Judge Mrs. Ann D. Hearn on October
14, 2012!

This is right after she won her first major at the Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club Dog Show Sunday, October 14, 2012. Judge Mrs. Ann D Hearn.

Tulip - November 2011, at 11 months of age.

Tulip at 8 weeks of age!

It is 13 degrees below 0 windchill here this morning in Kansas City, so Daddy made Tulip a "sweater". Quite creative. He made it out of a sock! Thanks for letting me share. She's a sweetie!! So is he!!
Date of Birth: December 11, 2010
Tulip is 4 1/2 pounds.


Tulip with her mom Ella.

Tulip's pretty head at 6 weeks of age.


Tulip's Sire: CH Ni KoKoro Tip N Thru Tulips
Owner: Beverly Merritt of CinDon Japanese Chin and Scott Toney of Midwood Japanese Chin
Thank you to Beverly and Scott for letting Timmy come and play in the midwest! He left us a very special little present!

Tulip's Dam: CH Hapichin Mischief Managed

Sire Timmy's cute baby face.
Adult Timmy laying on his bed.

Tulip's Paternal Granddam: NiKokoro Pink Champagne ChaNoYu

Pedigree of HapiChin Forget Me Not
CH Ni KoKoro Tip N Thru Tulips
CH Chanoyu Zuiun Sencha ROM
CH Odessa's Hutzul SOD
CH Touche Regency I'm Your Man ROM
CH Glendyke Mack The Knife ROM
CH Tenshi Solitare
CH Touche's Balalayka Of Odessa
CH Tosaho Ps I Love You
Touche's Princess Zoe DOD
CH Odessa's Kai-ling Tae ROM
CH Odessa's Kiril
CH Touche's Tux N Ty
CH Touche Honeycrest Helzapopin ROM
Touche Regency Treasured Moments ROM
CH Susho Go Hakujuen SOD
CH Touche's American Dream
Ni Kokoro Pink Champagne Chanoyu
CH Ni Kokoro's Prince Of Hearts
CH Poco's Rio Grande At Ni Kokoro
CH Jensu's Mokka Jo
CH Huang Kung Winning Ticket
CH Odessa's Contessa
CH Odessa's Hutzul SOD
Kizan Takayoshisow Jp Hanahime (Jap Imp)

Odessa's Nuuyra At Ni Kokoro
Takaura Jp Tenryuu (Jap Imp)
JAP CH Hakujuen Masahatou
Shikibuen Nouhime
Yuki Korisow Jp Yuo (Jap Imp)
Ibo Go Naomien Jp
Fuji Midorisow Jp Hotaru
CH Hapichin Mischief Managed
CH Hapichin Yabba Dabba Doo

CH Shomei's Red Ferrari
Jeskit Camijo Minstral Man
CH Jeskit Yoshi Ikawa
Makami's Mariko-Chan
CH Shomei's Natasha
CH Makami's Yuki Tama ROM
CH J-Jim's Luci Su O'Jenni
CH Makami's Storm Warning
AM/CAN CH Makami's Class Act
CH Makami's Black Dragon ROM
CH Makami's Just Jayne ROM
CH Makami's Stardust
CH Makami's My Deal ROM
Jeskit Marigold Madonna
CH Shomei's Hapichin Awesome Dove
CH Touche's Envy Me At Shomei
CH Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo ROM/SD
CH Fran-oak's Brairhill Hoshi
CH Seamist Orient Delite O'Jenni ROM/DD
Taylwag's Too Too
CH Taylwag's Tinkertoy By Hi-lite Rom
Easze's B-witch-d R.o.m.
CH Shomei's Morning Dove
CH Sangria Kotaro
CH Amantra Kotaro Of Sangria
Newmere Clemantine Of Sangria
Shomei's Lonesome Dove
CH K-ru's And Makami's Choya Rom
Shomei's Miyoko


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